Sterilisatie projecten
Sterilisatie projecten
Sterilisatie projecten
Sterilisatie projecten


The stray cat problem on Curaçao is big. It’s huge! Perhaps invisible to many, but the suffering is enormous. The overpopulation in residential areas and in resorts causes sick cats, malnourished kittens, cats hit by cars and the dumping of these animals.

Since cats are able to survive without people and because they often hide in the bushes or come out of their hiding place around dusk, most people do not experience this as a problem.

But the reality is different; we can tell this, among other things, because of the number of cats and kittens that are delivered at our doorstep.

Miriam Bleeker from Kitten Rescue Curacao
“I receive requests for help from people and resorts on a daily basis. It varies from an explosive increase of cats on location to kittens who are dumped or their mothers are lost due to an accident or illness. It is poignant and yet not many people know about it”.

Only by means of many spay and neuter projects this distressing situation can be tackled. The Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation participated in the past in several spay and neuter projects together with Wings For Animals. Sinds Mei 2019 organiseren wij als stichting met regelmaat zelfstandig grote sterilisatie projecten en zijn er in 2022 maar liefst ruim 1000 (zwerf)katten gesteriliseerd. We werken bij deze projecten intensief samen met Nederlandse dierenartsen waaronder onze ambassadeur & dierenarts Piet Hellemans. Our shelter houses an operating room that is occupied by Dutch vets several times a year. Vets that pay for their own flight ticket. The foundation takes care of housing and a rental car for the vets via local sponsoring like via LionsDive Beach Resort en Kas Amigu or Autoverhuur Willemstad . Because of this approach we made sure we minimized the cost of spaying a cat and it became financially possible to spay and neuter cats on a large scale. In 2019 we also launched the LEX-fund . A fund to help stray cats TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) and owners from cats who don't have the financial means.

Do you want us to continue these spay and neuter projects? Please help us and donate so that we can help as many cats as possible. We do hope we can set-up our own TNR (Trap-Neuter-Release) program in the nearby future.

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