Stichting Kitten Rescue Curacao
Kitten Rescue Curacao FoundationCare for motherless kittens, nursing cats and cats with special needs
The Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation provides a platform for motherless kittens and nursing cats in need. When ready for adoption we find them a suitable home. We also help with socializing kittens and offer help for cats with special needs.

Looking for a place where you can enjoy the company of free roaming cats and lots of kittens?
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ANBI StatusBecause of our work, we’re alway’s busy feeding cats, kittens etc, so we can’t be reached by phone. However you can contact us via:

We will respond to your request within 24-hours. Of course it’s possible to visit the Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation. ! Please note that we only allow visitors upon appointment!

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