kitten gevonden op curacao

Want to know how old the kittens are you found?

Often people contact us, having found newborn kittens or very young ones. Upon further investigation the kittens then turn out to be much older already. If you have never experienced a litter of kittens it may be tough to guess the age. But there are some easily distinguishable features that can help you determine how old a kitten actually is.

Help, I found a kitten, what to do?!

Rule number one
Never take a kitten you find away without investigating further! It can happen that you come across a litter of kittens or just a single kitten in your surroundings. This is not always a cause for alarm.

First, look around for the mother cat and possible other kittens. It can be that mom is moving her babies to a new location, or left her litter to hunt for food. This may take a while. Step away from the kitten(s) for a bit, mom may be shy and wait for you to leave. She may have been scared off by you entering the site or just a bit further away gathering food.

Exceptions to rule number one
Bad weather, if the kittens are out in the heat/rain/cold it is bad news for them. Kittens cannot regulate their body temperature yet and can succumb to overheating or undercooling rather quickly!

Direct danger. If the kittens are exposed to dogs or other predators such as birds or even hungry ants, take them immediately. They are easy targets. Also traffic can be a risk. Close to a busy road or busy path means they can be run over or stepped upon.

There is a hurt/wounded kitten.

Rule number two
Check the status of the kittens. Are they quiet and sleeping? Then they are not very hungry. Hungry kittens scream for their mother and will try desperately to find her. Are they cold? They should feel nice and warm when you touch them. If they are wet, cold or hot and unresponsive it is serious!

Okay, so if mom does not come back or there is imminent danger, pick up the kittens and put them in a safe box or kennel with some towels and if the kittens are cold maybe a hot water bottle. You can easily make one out of a plastic soda bottle filled with hot water and a towel wrapped around it. Make sure the kittens do not get too hot! contact us for help.

I Found Kittens, help!


Don’t try to feed the kittens milk (they cannot handle cow’s milk!) or water, as they may get it in their lungs, which will kill them. Keep them safe and warm until help is underway.

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