Adopting a kitten or cat at our foundation

Thank you so much for wanting to adopt rescue kittens and cats! At the Kitten Rescue Curacao Foundation we take great care in raising healthy and social kittens. We expect the adopters who adopt a cat or kitten with us to continue providing the best possible care and offer a loving and safe environment to them. It is our hope that adopters will become ambassadors for animal rescue, and will use their experience with a rescue kitten or cat to raise awareness about spaying/neutering, and to highlight how every life has value and is worthy of unconditional love.

We hope that people who adopt will become ambassadors of the rescue work we do. It would be great if they tell about their experience so more and more people will spay & neuter their cats. We aim to have people realise that every live is precious also the live of animals.


  • Our kittens are social beings. We do not place kittens under 5 months alone. Only with another kitten or with an already resident social cat. The reason for this is explained in our ‘behavioral issues’ section.
  • Mature cats are placed in a suitable home. We decide depending on the character and specifics of the cat.
  • Cats and kittens can be returned without questioning for 14 days after adoption. We want happy cats and happy people.

Ready to adopt a kitten or cat?

Do you have questions about one of our kittens or cats ready for adoption? You want to make an appointment for meeting your new feline friend? Please contact us us and we’re happy to help. It's also possible to visit our Cat Café where you can meet all our kittens and cats. Do you want to adopt from abroad or the Netherlands? Let us know what you're looking for and will do our best for the perfect match.

Adoption fee on the island
Our adoption fee is Nafl. 50,- for a kitten and Nafl. 75,- for a cat (prices only valid for adoption on Curacao). We use the money to provide the kittens with the necessary care and cover medical expenses.

All kittens are dewormed bi-weekly from 4 weeks onward until 12 weeks. Mature cats are spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

Want to adopt abroad e.g. Netherlands?
It’s of course possible to adopt a kitten at KRCF when you live in Europe. We will arrange all the necessary vaccinations and paperwork for you. We will also help find somebody to accompany the animal on the flight.

De kosten voor adoptie naar Nederland zijn momenteel €300,- met TUI per kitten. Adopteer je 2 kittens tegelijk dan is de prijs € 400,-.
Dat is incl alle benodigde vaccinaties, chip, bloedtest FiV/FelV, gezondheidsverklaring, reiskennel en de vlucht naar Amsterdam.

If you’re interested to adopt please contact us . We are alway's happy to help. Thank you.

Virtual Adopting a KRCF kitten or cat

Thank you so much for wanting to virtual adopt a rescue kitten or cat! In our rescue center we have some kittens and cats with medical problems. All these cats will stay with us forever. You can virtual adopt one of these cats so we can give them the (medical) care they need. Besides this, there are kittens and adult stray cats, which we picked up from the streets, who cannot be homed for several reasons.

To see the cats who need the most assistance please check out our virtual adoption candidates.

Good to know when you contact us about virtual adoption

  • Please mention the name of the cat you want to support via virtual adoption
  • Please let us know what your monthly donation will be for the adopted cat. Keep in mind that the donation will be (partly) spend on (medical) care for other cats if the donation is not needed for the adopted cat.
  • Keep in mind that multiple people can virtually adopt the same cat
  • Please let us know on which mail address you want to receive the updates about your adopted cat
  • Please visit your cat when you’re on Curacao (please make appointment)

Available for Virtual Adoption

Do you have questions about one of our kittens or cats ready for adoption? You want to make an appointment for meeting your new feline friend? Please contact us and we’re happy to help.

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